QSL Cards from Tristan da Cunha

QSL cards are used to document successful contacts between amateur radio stations or reception of an AM or FM radio, television or shortwave broadcast. Most QSL cards are similar to regular postcards in terms of format and size and, usually, there are pre-printed sections that senders can quickly tick and sign to confirm technical details of the radio contact.

QSL cards got their name from the Q code "QSL" which is an internationally recognised code used in morse or voice radio communications to question or confirm a contact.

Many collectors look out for rarer QSL cards from older dates, remote locations or temporary bases. Thematic collectors like to acquire QSL cards when relevant to their collections as, sometimes, a photo will be featured on the card or it will have been written by someone known to collectors. For these reasons QSL cards from Tristan da Cunha are very popular and not so easy to locate. If we are aware of any TdC QSL cards available at the moment they will be displayed below: